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    Those who consider purchasing private plane chartering services usually worry about safety. However, a comprehensive exploration proves that private aircraft pilots are more professional due to Plures, providing VIP services giving the utmost importance to flight safety.

    Better Pilot Training – Private Plane Services Turkey

    Private plane pilots have to comply with specific provisions like other pilots as well. They need to be trained up to a certain level and are required to gain a certain time of flight experience. This time generally varies between 40 and 60 hours. Providing private aircraft chartering services, Plures demands extra hours of flight experience for eliminating any problem concerning VIP services. In addition, pilots who are going to work in private aircrafts are required to have a certificate of competency which demonstrates that they are able to conduct the duty successfully.

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    Stricter Companies

    The applied regulations being stricter and in case of infringement of these regulations the imposed sanctions being more severe compared to others are among the factors which make private aircraft chartering services more advantageous than alternative aviation services. Private plane chartering companies are expected to comply with more provisions than the other companies of the industry. These provisions of which every detail is considered important are to be observed in full.


    Safety precautions are the leading part of these provisions. Therefore, Plures offers a profoundly safe service in Turkey - based private aircraft chartering services. Among these provisions are very important items such as flight procedures, aircraft maintenance, pilot training and pilot experience. Before and after each flight the crew is required to examine the aircraft in detail and identify technical problems if necessary.

    The Safest Way to Fly - Turkey

    Private aircraft chartering company, Plures gives the utmost importance to complying with any of the provisions. Pilot training and experience are among the most crucial safety precautions. Considering both customer safety and company reputation, each phase of pilot training is painstakingly evaluated for chartering services. Demonstrating the same performance for aircraft maintenance and controls private aircraft chartering company, Plures sustains being one of the safest companies in private airway transportation.

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