• Emergency Air Ambulance Aircraft Charter

    Emergency Ambulance Aircraft Chartering

    The services provided on the ambulance aircraft charter field have immensely developed in the last ten years both in Turkey and around the world. Emergency ambulance aircraft chartering services have a survival importance in natural disasters, explosions and massive accidents as well as individual situations where patient has a vital risk or requested evacuations. Therefore, the utilization of emergent ambulance aircraft chartering for the transportation of patients to another medical institution in the same area, another city or country is a very widely preferred service.

    Specifications of Ambulance Aircrafts

    1. Air ambulances are advanced aircrafts in terms of medical interventions. Ambulance aircrafts include advanced life support units and ready-to-act physicians sustaining a crucial role in the survival and the safety of the patients. In addition to this, emergency air ambulance charter is one of the most crucial factors in life threatening situations.

    2. Generally used in urgent conditions such as injuries, traumas, evacuations, organ or marrow transplants, ambulance aircrafts are also utilized in the safe transportation of the patients with no emergency conditions as well.

    3. Emergency ambulance aircraft charter services are provided by the private companies which are professional in the field. The qualifications and background specifications of the company is as important as the service itself for these aircrafts ready for flight in a very short time.

    4. Though the ambulance aircraft services are provided by the government in Turkey it is insufficient and private services are required as well.


    Emergency Ambulance Aircraft Chartering Services for 24 hours and 7 Days

    The emergency ambulance aircraft chartering services are provided in any situation possible to protect the patient's life; however some specific occasions increase the demand for this service.

    • When the medical institutions available in the area of the resting place of the patient are incompetent for the equipment, doctor or qualification demands, the emergency ambulance aircraft chartering services are used for the fast and the safe transportation of the patient to a competent hospital.

    • When emergency conditions such as serious injuries, traumas, internal bleeding and heart attack arise ambulance aircraft chartering services are frequently preferred.

    • When the use of highway is not possible or not preferred for a safe transportation of the patient again ambulance aircraft chartering services are utilized for the wellbeing of the patients.

    One of the very important services in medical field the ambulance aircrafts enable the urgent medical intervention and survive the patient on the moment of vital danger. In addition to the day to day developments of this service in the world, there are remarkable breakthroughs in this field in Turkey as well. It should be remembered that professional corporations must be preferred in the ambulance aircraft chartering services which are mostly provided by private companies. In addition to being the most efficient as well as the leading company of this field in Turkey, Plures Air provides 24/7 emergency ambulance aircraft chartering services ready with all its flight crew merely within 2 hours.

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