• Confidence

    Reliable Flight Services

    Plures Air is a respectable corporation in the field of private jet aircraft, air ambulance and cargo aircraft chartering services due to the qualified service it provides by panoply latest technology aircrafts with equipments in international standards and professional staff. Plures Air is a professional private aviation company which gains the popularity and quality of the important place it possesses from the peculiar service experience it provides for its customers both in Turkey and around the world.

    Plures Air has achieved to top-level the customer satisfaction by its strong background and professional crew, which can swiftly meet customer requirements in both private jet and cargo aircraft chartering services; ensuring the stable and respectable position of Plures in the world as in Turkey.

    Top-level Customer Satisfaction

    Plures Air ensures the safe transportation of patients or injured people to the medical institutions by its ambulance aircrafts which operates with the physicians capable of successfully performing any necessary primary medical interventions. Plures values human life in the first place improving and increasing its air ambulance services day by day.

    Experienced and Dependable Crew

    One of the most important criteria of aviation services is experience. In this respect, Plures Air operates with experienced flight and medical crews in its structure, providing service in multilingual 24/7 open central offices for its customers. The ambulance aircrafts of Plures possess international standards and are qualified according to the requirements of different customers in a very fast way in addition to the other qualified equipments of its peculiar service. Besides a comfortable and safe journey, you will feel special by the exclusive services of Plures Air before during and after the flight; providing you an amazing journey every time.

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